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Anigav & her Lollipops

(An alternate fantastical ending to Dobbs)

Anigav was a young woman who woke one night after a dream.

It wasn’t just her dream, it was a dream she dreamt for all womb holders.

It originated in some root system that was not solely hers but that she was a part of.

It traveled through the fertile network, jumping synapses to give her a message.

A message her rational mind couldn’t quite make sense of at the time.  

Nevertheless, Anigav knew from some cavernous space inside her that it was important.  

Upon waking she was possessed with a compulsion to make lollipops.  

She made up a small batch of them and brought them down to the supreme court where she worked.  

She gifted them out to all the employees, including the justices.  

Reminding them of their childhood, they indulged.

She did this every day for a month.  

Anigav became a fixture in their long grueling days with the reward of her lollipops.  

Then one morning, following another dream, she awoke bleeding from between her legs.  

By impulse, Anigav collected some of her blood and mixed it with the sugar to make another batch.  

But these weren’t just any lollipops, these were lollipops for the protection of the womb holders. Or so the dream the previous night had conveyed to her.  

While making them something animated her body.  She writhed in thrusts and spirals that traveled to her tongue, shaping sounds with her breath.  Anigav heard herself chanting…

With womb,   with womb,   with womb

I conjure,   I conjure,    I conjure 

an oral vehicle,    an oral vehicle,   an oral vehicle

colorable opinions,   colorable opinions,   colorable opinions

which command my body,   which command my body,    which command my body

adhere to,   adhere to,   adhere to

Judgement,   judgement,   judgement

terminated before air,   termianted before air,   terminated before air

anchored and eroded,     anchored and erooded,    anchored and eroded 

No sound drawing,   no sound drawing,   no sound drawing

law lines on,   law lines on,   law lines on

My body,   my body,   my body

My womb,   my womb,   my womb

Her blood and incanting enchanted the lollipops.

She went to give them to the justices once again.  

They all took one, immediately shoving the candies into their mouths.  

Today they were even sweeter than they remembered.

When it was time for the justices to speak and disclose their vote on Dobbs, to the surprise of many and horror of a few, no justice could express sentiments that challenged the autonomy of wombed bodies.

Any words that would potentally harm the bodies of the womb holders would stick to the surface of the lollipops before they could be uttered, rendering them powerless; suspended as candied relics at the tip of the suckers tongues.

And thus the right to choose stood intact.

Anigav freed the justices from their lollipop locked lips after all was safe.  

She took the candies home - now imprinted with the justices’ intentions, preserved in the body of the candy - Anigav pleasurably licked the words out of existence, erased by the potency of her own saliva.

The bodies and agency of choice for her fellow womb holders were once again safe.