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visual art 

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a healing practice

sounding sessions (under construction)


More than mere symbols Runes are living energies interweaving with one another within a multi dimensional web. They are shape shifters; frequencies masquerading as sound and vibrating forms; never singular, always multiple.
Runes offer us mirrors, bridges, and portals to remember forgotten wisdoms and to encounter dormant layers of ourselves.
A reading invites us to take a deeper look at the questions we ask ourselves and how these questions can inform our life in the present moment.  


Tarot invites us to journey into the unique labyrinth of our soul in order to experience the interconnection of our conscious and unconscious selves and how this relationship informs our personal narrative. Symbolic and Archetipal imagery act as guides that illuminate parts of our story calling out to be witnessed, felt, and transformed.
Readings are founded in the idea of synchronicity. The interpretation of meaningful interrelations between the symbolism within a spread offers numerous perspectives by which to orient ourselves. By looking through multiple lenses, tarot helps us to locate our unexplored potentials and forms a bridge of discovery to the fluid nature of our authentic self.
From major life changes and unyielding creative blocks, to playful curiosity, catalysts for seeking tarot are varied and often surface during pivotal moments in our lives. Readings are not predictive, instead they serve to open a channel of communication with our inner self, reminding us of the power we have over our own stories.
Note: Tarot is for entertainment purposes. Readings will include both tarot and oracle cards