dani lessnau



visual art 

feeding fireflies fertile ruins

a healing practice

the unfaithfuls deck
sounding sessions (under construction)

Dani Lessnau engages in a ritual hyper-sensitization practice, embracing her own body as a medium in constant relationship. Through somatic and healing performances, as well as object based work, these practices open her to collaboration with both the material and the immaterial, solid and unseen.  Glass and the photographic apparatus usher light in as a playmate, while glass, wool and silk give rise to an exchange between heat and warmth.  Interested in complicating habits of conventional perception, Lessnau leans into spaces where what seem to be paradoxes enfold and re-shape one another.  The alien and the familiar; the tender and the erotic; the specific and the abstract; the strong and the vulnerable, all translate and mutate, giving birth to a new fluid foundation.

Lessnau studied at the International Center of Photography, New York and received her MFA from Bard College.  She lives and works in Brooklyn.