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a healing practice

sounding sessions (under construction)


Sounding is a practice that faciliates healing through sound and gentle touch.   Specific frequencies are both applied along the meridians of the body and sounded in the human biofield.  Originating in the Acutonics system and reiki, it has roots in TCM, quantum theory and electric health.

Sound interrupts patterns of habit and trauma we hold in our bodies and fields that no longer serve us.  It invites us to listen differently and create from our own innate intelligence by entraining to the deepest layers of our cells, aissting us in recalling the fullness of their unique expression.
(latticed network, matrix, meridians, 8 jing bai mai - reference other types of sound?)

integrate both therapuatic sound and reiki. They are tailored to each individual with an introductory conversation scheduled before the first session