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visual art 

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a healing practice

sounding sessions (under construction)

The deck of the unfaithfuls 

What is it time for you to rub up against? 
Where is it time for you to be unfaithful?

This deck began with images.
Collaged cutouts, unfaithful to their origins.
The images rallied together and birthed an idea.
They wanted to be the Unfaithfuls.
But the idea needed a connecting thread.
I needed to know how they wanted to function.
It was at this stage I went to my bag of Runes for insight.  I drew Nauthiz.
Nauthiz is a Rune made of two intersecting lines, one laid over the other at an angle. It resembles two sticks being rubbed together to spark a flame.
I started turning over the idea of friction in my mind. I began thinking about how it generates as it also wears away.

I thought about how by it’s very nature friction is collaborative. It always occurs in the interaction between two or more parties or parts of oneself.
It is the site where things rub.
I hope these images and words rub up against you, creating a little friction.

Each Unfaithful can be drawn as a single catalyst or in relation to it’s fellow Unfaithfuls. They can also be used in a drawing between you and another.
They are not meant to be static and easy, they are changlings and will produce new sites for frictioning as you get to know them. Sometimes the interaction with them will give off warmth, and at other times it will generate heat. Take care of which is being produced and be compassionate with yourself and others in the process.
The questions I have offered are seedlings. I invite you to build your own relationship with them, letting them rub up against you and see what sparks.